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Yvette Tai-Coquillay

Founded in 2006 by Yvette Tai-Coquillay, the LABO ETHNIK FASHION SHOW started the same year in Paris.

« From the beginning, our objective was to become the window giving more visibility to africans designers. » 

In 10 years of activity, LABO ETHNIK has welcomed designers from every corner of Africa to showcase their work and meet both diverse audiences and African fashion enthusiasts. 

Over the years, LABO ETHNIK has established itself as a pioneer, leader and reference for ethnic fashion industry through brand awareness and visibility for many African designers globally. 

Today, LABO ETHNIK is an online shop driven by the same goal: Ensuring the visibility and accessibility of quality products made by African designers and craftsmen. 


Slow-fashion, our conviction ! 

Labo Ethnik Store is also a brand that has been committed for more than 10 years to the respect of the creative process and craftwork of africans designers.

This is why the brand advocates in favour of slow-fashion as opposed to fast-fashion.

We define slow-fashion as the rethinking of the way we consume fashion, favouring better quality and more durable pieces as opposed to fast-fashioned brands. 

At Labo Ethnik Store, we support local craftsmanship,small designers, and we give value to the creative process for a fashion more respectful of human work.



LABO ETHNIK STORE is above all authenticity. The brand was founded on principles of quality, know-how and honesty.Our authenticity is illustrated in the relationship that the brand maintains with  its customers and with the designers. We communicate with transparency and honesty. We also know the origin of our product and guarantee their quality and authenticity.

Since its foundation in 2006, Labo Ethnik has wanted to be a space for sharing african culture and know-how but also a space favoring the transmission of African traditions and values. Sharing is one of the key foundations of our brand vision. We share with our clients the best Africa has to offer.



As opposed to the multinational fashion companies, LABO ETHNIK STORE wants to highlight the people who are at the heart of the creative process: The Designers.The brand advocates respect for the human labor behind each creation displayed on the platform