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That feeling of surprise after a furtive look on your hands, or that glint in your eyes after having glimpsed your reflection in the mirror - Remembering the elegant person that you are, this is what Rhita seeks through her jewelry. Sometimes only a gracefully designed room is enough to make you special.

Born in Morocco and graduated in architecture in Paris, Rhita is inspired by her training and her native country in her creations. It incorporates elements ranging from clean architectural lines to the geometric shapes of traditional Berber tattoos, and blends them harmoniously with precious stones in minimalist and contemporary designs.

Each piece is made of 925 silver and handmade in the medina of Rabat.

The result materializes in scintillating fragments made to last a lifetime and which may one day be passed on to your children or grandchildren.

Rhita Creations - Earings... Rhita Creations - Earings...

Rhita Creations - Earings Aménokal ethnik silver


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Price 149.00

"Opt for these pretty silver earrings, bring an ethnic touch to your look!" Product information : Amenokal is a chief of the Tuareg tribe, he is the holder of Tobol, symbol of the chiefdom. Among the Tuaregs, the Amenokal is a unique, powerful character whose power is transmitted in a matrilineal line. The Aménoal earrings have a "butterfly" clasp system...