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His travels, his personal introspection constitute the prism through which his creations are born. Samia, the designer, also draws her inspiration from her Moroccan roots to which she is very attached, through the Amazigh culture.

The Berber jewels guaranteeing the ancestral inheritance by their hereditary transmission from mother to daughters, in a mainly oral culture, nourished the image which it is made of the Moroccan culture since very small. It is thus that naturally, in her reinterpretation "NEO-BERBÈRE" of the Amazigh culture, she uses her creations to tell her own History.

                                                + N E O - B E R B È R E

Authentic models that want to be timeless by the imperishable characteristics of the materials used, but also by their style. YELLI JEWELS is aimed at all women, of all nationalities, of all ages in their deepest uniqueness because each craft piece is unique.

+ A U T H E N T I Q U E

+ U N I V E R S E L L E

+ I N T E M P O R E L L E


YELLI JEWELS are also jewels which are part of a Slow-fashion approach. In order to promote a sustainable and more thoughtful mode of consumption, only quality materials are used to guarantee the durability of YELLI JEWELS jewelry.

Respectful of the social and local environment, all products including packaging are produced in the region under socially responsible working conditions.

In addition, in order to avoid waste, in an eco-responsible ethic, YELLI JEWELS promotes the recycling of money and recommends a just-in-time production system. This means that the jewelry is produced in limited quantities and it is an order that triggers the production of a new series of jewelry.